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How much water the lake SU has left?

     PROJ 102 Project #020 FALL 2007

1. Introduction

     Identifying nature of a particular object, collecting dates and publishing the possible results of the experiments by means of the executed observation are the important features of a project work. In this sense using a range finder to acquire data and displaying these data via Word Wide Web constitutes series information for the researches which could be carried later on.

     A range finder is a device which has the attribution of taking measurements from an obstacle to an observer, device itself. These devices are used in order to identify range which is required to determine from a specific object. Basically devices have censor or censors. By means of these censor(s) they produce and capture the signals which are produced by device. Moreover in the process of scaling the range, there are several methods to carry it. Some of the well-know active methods are solar, radar and laser. Apart from working principle, the main usage areas are purpose of surveying, determining the focus in photography and determining accurately aiming of weapons in military.

The other equipment that we are going to use throughout this project is an industrial PC. Industrial PCs are generated in lower volumes compared to office or home PCs. They also offer long term supplies that are going to make us to be able to save the exact numerical value of the depth of the SU Lake.

The final component of the project is World Wide Web. Internet is a crucial vehicle to reach the information from global spectrum. Simply WWW is very important since it will be possible to save the data that is obtained throughout the project and also it will provide us the opportunity of reaching the results of the rate of change in SU Lake.

     Ultimately, our main purpose in this project is to measures how much water has left in the SU Campus Lake.

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2. Definition and Scope

     This project will commence with a collecting data process and finally end up with passing these data on the web platform. The main purpose is transferring the needed data to Internet instantly, in order to obtain the best result. This method is going to provide information of the distance between device and lake surface. Thus, it’s going to be possible to measure the current water level. The remaining water amount is desired to be displayed as obtaining the distance between the spot of the height known device and the lake surface in order to determine the remaining level. Thus, it’s going to be possible to determine the amount of the remaining water.

2.1 Project Objective Statement

In the project it will be explored program coding such as C, C++ in order to compose the modules that are required for system in general and learning to create interactive web page by using PHP from the database. We plan to finish the project before 12.01.2008. We will use a range finder device called Devantech SRF08 Ranger.

2.2 Deliverables

On the following phases of the project, we are required to write a progress report and as the last step we are going to write the final report. We are going to deal with program coding process and create a program at which all the results we obtain through the system will be transferred- the coding language Microsoft Visual C++ will be used for that. Also for designing the web page we will use the PHP (Web Design Language).

2.3 Milestones

The milestones of this project are learning the required concepts of PHP, C, C++ and basic information about the protocol IIC by using the Internet, articles and books. Then, we will create a connection between the Range Finder and the industrial PC. Finally, we are going to be able to measure the amount of the water in the SU Lake.

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3. Project Planning

3.1 Work Breakdown Structure

   3.1.1. Purchasing the ranger finder device “Devantech SRF08 Ranger” and obtaining all the other equipments

   3.1.2. Learning some basic concepts regarding coding and programming

  • C, C++
  • Data Applications (Data server, Data base, SQL Language)
  • Web Coding (PHP…)
  • IIC Bus

   3.1.3. Establishing the system and applying these steps

3.2 Organisational Structure

First thing we are going to is to work as a group to acquire all of the required equipments to develop the system that will enable us to measure the water amount of SU Lake. We will deal with the purchasing process. Then, through the Internet, books or articles, Kutay and Tarık will carry on a research to attain knowledge about programming process. After that they will inform Öncü about their research. Aside from that we will try to work as a group in all the steps throughout the project. On the following phases of the project we will share our progress with our project supervisor and seek help if we confront some difficulties. After obtaining sufficient information about programming, we will construct the program with the help of coding languages C, C++, PHP, and SQL. As the last step, we will develop the system and save the informations that we get through data base

3.3 Time and Resource Plan

   3.3.1 Time Plan

   3.3.2 Resource Plan

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4. Application

     Initially we learnt some basic concepts about program language. In these concepts it was looked for what is compiler and how to use a compiler. Then as a compiler Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and we worked on it. Then as a range finder Devantech SRF10 ordered. Actually we had planned SRF08. However we chose SRF10 since not to write code for the light sensor in SRF08.After we obtained the range finder, we tried to find a code in order to make the device work. Yet we were unable to find the code for Devantech SRF10, instead we used an available code for SRF08. Then, we connected the USB I2C Module to this Rangefinder device. We tested the device with the code and figured out how it works and whether it works accurate or not. Through the code we were able to measure approximately 25-30 cm almost accurately, yet for further and closer distances we could not obtain correct results. As a result, in our meeting time with our supervisor we asked for help about the code. We left the range finder with our supervisor and he worked on it. He wrote an accurate code for the device and consequently we managed to gain correct measurements and we managed to measure from 2 cm to 3 m.

Range Finder calculating the data of distance between the surface and the device

After solving the code issue, we designed a web page to which we will transmit the data obtained by measuring the height of SU Lake .Initially, this web page was a static one. The page does not only contain the table on which the data will be available and the graphics but also it contains all of our studies throughout the project (e.g. PROPOSAL, PROGRESS REPORT). After creating the web page, we learnt some concepts of PHP language and its relations with controlling database through server. Initially we made our works in our own laptops for trial testing our PHP code. For this aim we used program called Easy PHP which contains MySql, Apache and PHP in one source. Thanks to Easy PHP we had a server and database. (See the figure below)

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Easy PHP which create local server and database

Thanks to Easy PHP we had a server and database. In the database we created a table that contains time in terms of date-clock height called zaman and yukseklik. Then these data was transmitted to database provided from Sabancı University IT in order to have constantly functioning transmission.

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4.1 Consistency to Project Schedule

We did not have a problem in the process of purchasing the range finder. Generally we depended on the time we planned in the proposal. Yet some problems occurred. Since we started to learn the coding languages, C and C++, from the very beginning we could not manage to find a code to make the range finder work properly. We had to finish up the process of transmitting the measurements from the C code to database, creating a static graphic and transmitting the data from MySQL to this graphic by 11th week. Our supervisor recommended us a web page to benefit to create PHP Graphics. Yet we could not analyze the information on the web page properly as the information was not given directly. So we could not finish transmitting the measurements from the C code to database, creating a static graphic and transmitting the data from MySQL to this graphic by 11th week. As a modification we did not use IIC, instead a bought a Devantech USB Module. Apart from the USB part, normally we decided to use Mysql and PHP and the server separately download and the implement but the program Easy PHP provide 3 in 1. Moreover in the part of designing web page, instead of using Note Pad, we have been introduced a software called Dreamweaver CS3. It made easier to having codes in creating web pages.

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5. Plans for the Remainder of the Project

For the following phases of project we planned to make modification on our C codes in order to send data to database. Our first aim is to send data to database from C code to directly database. If we will have problems regarding the transmission stems from the code, we aimed to use php code as interface between the C code and database. Then planned to create the variable graphics for displaying the results such as weekly, daily or monthly in our website, the graphics part will constitute a link and a different page. On the other hand we will try to display the last 10 measurement in tables on the web. Finally if we could manage to work the system properly, we will built the system to lake. Apart from these steps if the result became positive which means every parts are working without problems, it will be decided to use a security applications called MD5(cryptographic hash function) in order to prevent inserting data to our database by external users.

5.1 Work Breakdown Structure

  •   4.1.1. Creating dynamic graphics on the web site
  • Creating PHP code for data transformation from database.
  • Creating PHP code for displaying the data on graphics.
  •   4.1.2. Developing available C code for data transformation and taking periodical measurements.
  •   4.1.3. Establishing the system to arranged part of SU Lake.

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Hüsnü Yenigün, Ayhan Bozkurt

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Sabancı University FALL 2007

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