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Welcome to Group #20's PROJ 102 website...... By visiting this website you will be able to observe our campus lake's depth variations instantaneously...

In this project we will develop a system in order to measure the amount of water in the SU Lake. We are going to place a device above the lake in an appropriate place. This device is going to take periodic measurements of time and height.

After that, by a data server, these periodic measurements are going to be recorded and passed onto a web site through which we are going to be able to observe. All the system will be working stand alone.



Hüsnü Yenigün, Ayhan Bozkurt

Kutay Çelenk, Tarık Edip Kurt, Kutlu Öncü Uçum

Sabancı University FALL 2007

                        web metrics

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

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